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Homefresh Experience Cooking is here to change the shopping and eating habits of our nation

Homefresh is all about helping get you and your kids confident in the kitchen.

As Australians we’re known for our love of great cuisine, after all we produce some of the best food in the world. The problem is that lately we’re spending more time watching cooking shows than actually creating delicious food and passing on these skills to our children.

Homefresh is here to shake this up! We’ve taken on the task of getting Australian kids 4 – 14 into the kitchen and into a healthy shopping, cooking and eating lifestyle.

It’s time to stop drooling over TV cooking shows and get some serious flavours happening at your house!

Homefresh igniting kids and families passion for cooking

Homefresh offers unrivalled cooking experiences in our dedicated retail cooking schools, in your child’s school, in a shopping centre or venue near you or even in your very own home. In fact in any location you choose, Homefresh will create special occasions your families will remember for a long time to come.

We have carefully designed all of our cooking classes and cooking event experiences to cater for all age brackets, ensuring your kids gain a comprehensive range of cooking skills and you continue to develop too.

If you really love your child please don't let them leave home without being able to cook

Teaming up with Homefresh will ensure your child is developing cooking skills and by the time they leave primary school (or high school) they will be cooking healthy food for themselves and the entire family!.

Homefresh has made sure our cooking classes and programs are affordable for all families and soon they will be accessible Australia wide.

Homefresh Experience Cooking locations

Our first permanent store is located at Shop 61B Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA 5125. This site is our flagship retail cooking school food store and is set to be replicated Australia wide.

Homefresh specialises in:

Kids birthday parties - for ages 4 - 14shopping and cooking with the chef

Adult occasions/parties – for all ages and all occasions cooking class experience

Mobile cooking experiences - our mobile chefs bring the Homefresh cooking/dining experience
to your venue or event

Kids 4 hat cooking lessons - progressive lessons for beginners, intermediate, experienced, and advanced

Kids after school and school holiday fun program - child minding and education while you relax

Cooking class vouchers for all of our class types

Cooked ready to eat or pan ready to cook meals and snacks available in store

Chef assisted adult cooking experiences created to let you in on all the trade secrets

In-school program – it’s a great change from the school books, in school terms, at your school
(please tell your teachers)

Experience flavours from around the world in-store or at home

Homefresh runs cooking class experiences in 5 different cuisines; Flavours of Europe, Flavours of the Middle East, Flavours of Asia, Flavours from the Garden, Flavours of France. All classes include professional kitchen and knife skills, and finish with a delicious meal.

Homfresh Experience Cooking has been carefully created to help support families

We know how hard it can be to get your kids eating everything fresh, we are parents too! With so many questionable food choices available today how do we make sure our kids can decipher between good and bad food choices, especially when we are not around to guide them!

Homefresh can tell you with confidence that we have a 99 percent success rate for kids eating what they cook including food they don’t normally eat (and we know because we’ve already cooked with over 40,000 kids). We make the lessons fun and together with our food heroes’ encouragement award activity, no child in the class wants to miss out!

Book a Homefresh cooking experience today, buy some Homefresh food and together, we can all help, change the eating habits of our nation.





29 May

11:00am - 4:00pm


30 May

09:00am - 5:30pm


31 May

09:00am - 5:30pm


01 Jun

09:00am - 5:30pm


02 Jun

09:00am - 9:00pm


03 Jun

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04 Jun

09:00am - 5:00pm

Home Fresh Experience
Home Fresh Experience
Home Fresh Experience